Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Tide rolls in

Alabama arrived in Shreveport today and immediately went to work for Sunday's Independence Bowl. We've all known this day has been coming for a month now, but it was still odd to see Nick Saban and his straw hat on the field at Independence Stadium.
People around here think they have a gripe with Saban -- or maybe used to since the LSU Tigers are just fine without him. I'm the one that should be ticked. I'm a life-long Miami Dolphins fan. He left my team in shambles. He left it high and dry. He left it primed to go 1-15.
It's embarrassing. Unfortunately the folks in South Florida had to pay for Saban's little professional experiment.
The Tigers are in the National title game while Bama is in Shreveport, Louisiana for the Independence Bowl. Trust me, no one in Miami is feeling sorry for him.


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